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July 29, 2019

Walking Wisely: 5 Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Walking Wisely: 5 Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Drivers and pedestrians alike share the responsibility of ensuring the road is a safe place to travel. Whether you’re walking home from work or exploring a new city, it’s important to keep these 5 tips in mind — for the safety of both yourself and others.

1. Make yourself visible.

Pedestrians can make themselves more visible to drivers by wearing light-colored clothing, carrying a flashlight, and walking in well-lit areas. If you’re trying to cross the street, you should also be sure to stand clear of bushes, parked cars, and other obstacles so drivers can easily see you. This is especially important if you’re out at night. 

2. Don’t text and walk. 

“Distracted walking” is on the rise, and those who take part are over 60% more likely to veer off their pathway. One study even showed that those who text while walking are 4 times more likely to demonstrate unsafe behaviors such as disobeying a traffic light, straying from a crosswalk, and failing to look both ways before crossing. Focus your attention on getting from point A to point B, and save your conversation for a safer time. 

3. Stay on the sidewalk. 

It may seem obvious, but when you’re on the side of the road, walking anywhere but the sidewalk has the potential to put your life in danger. If there isn’t a sidewalk on your path, walk facing traffic and as far away from the street as possible. To avoid this scenario, try to plan your trip in advance so you can pick a route with sidewalks. 

4. Keep your eyes peeled.

A key way to stay safe while walking is to be conscious and aware of the cars around you. Although it’s easy to assume that all drivers will follow the rules of the road, it’s not realistic. In addition to keeping an eye on nearby vehicles, be sure to look before you cross the street and make eye contact with drivers before passing in front of their cars.  

5. Stay sober.

Did you know that alcohol consumption is involved in nearly half of pedestrian collisions? Plus, a third of pedestrians involved in fatal accidents have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. There are a number of reasons why alcohol can turn a safe walk into a dangerous one. Drinking can impair one’s sense of balance, leading pedestrians to stumble off the sidewalk and into the road. Alcohol also reduces a person’s ability to judge distance and speed, which can lead to them crossing the street at an unsafe time. To guarantee the safety of everyone on the road, it’s important to avoid “drinking and walking” — the consequences can be as severe as drinking and driving. 

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