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July 25, 2017

Tips To Conquer Summer Procrastination

Tips To Conquer Summer Procrastination

Summer may be synonymous with sunshinesweet treats, and swimming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive, too! Read on for our tips to help you stay on top of things when procrastination and distraction beckon. 

Keep Your Sleep Schedule Under Control

It’s tempting to both go to bed and wake up later when you’re on vacation, but the National Sleep Foundation recommends that you keep a consistent schedule and get no more than 10 hours a night. Set a summer bedtime and wake-up time and stick to it, even on weekends, for optimum energy. This can be tough, but it’s easier if you create a nighttime routine; try reading, drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea, or listening to calming music to wind down.

Take a Social Media Break

Have you ever gotten sucked into a Twitter or Instagram vortex that ended up wasting hours of your time? It can take a lot of willpower to do a full detox, but it’s easy to overcome procrastination by using Google Chrome add-ons like StayFocusd and SiteCop to lock yourself out of certain distracting websites for an hour or two at a time. Safari users can try WasteNoTime while those using Firefox should look into LeechBlock.

Change Your Surroundings

Whether you’re stuck in your room or an office, you can benefit from switching it up and spending more time outside. Moving your meeting to the park or brainstorming during an afternoon walk rather than at your desk can help you stay productive while enjoying the warmer weather. When the heat hits its peak, seek refuge in your local mall, café, public library, or anywhere else with air conditioning. 

Master a New Hobby

Already fully recharged and feeling like you’re wasting what remains of your summer? Beat procrastination and focus your energy on something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had time for, like practicing an instrument, creating your own blog or website, learning something new from a free online course, or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Bonus: you can add these skills and experiences to your resume!

Remember to Chill

Don’t forget to leave time to relax! While it’s important to stay on top of everything year-round, you deserve a break during the summer season. Spend your weekdays on work and your evenings and weekends on play – however you may define it. Go out with friends, try a new fro-yo place, binge-watch Bob’s Burgers, or enjoy the warm weather. No matter how you spend it, make time for “you” time.

Got any advice for making the most of summer? Comment below to let us know!

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