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March 25, 2017

The Top 5 Sober Social Event Ideas For Your Fraternity

The Top 5 Sober Social Event Ideas For Your Fraternity

Now that you’ve joined a fraternity, there are a lot of ways to build and promote brotherhood within your chapter without relying on alcohol. Check out the top 5 most popular sober activities and events below.

Timeless team-building sports like touch-football and kickball can strengthen the bond between you and your brothers. Video game tournaments are fun too. Remember those hours you spent playing eSports by yourself in your room? Now you can compete with your brothers.

Rent out a local movie theater for a late night screening. If the movie has a theme, you can host a costume contest with a gift card for the winner, or host a raffle so members of the local community can win tickets to the screening while giving back to your charity of choice.

Put a twist on the typical ice cream social by making it into a game. Have each person bring a flavor or topping that describes their personality. See who can build the tallest, most ridiculous sundae, then have a no-hands ice cream eating contest with their concoctions. This also works with pizza.

Themed parties can be a great ice-breaker. Have everyone dress as a celebrity for a Hollywood theme, hit up a thrift store for an Ugly Sweater night, or hire a DJ and bring your glow sticks for an adrenaline and caffeine-fueled rave.

Take a trip! There are many options for your destination depending on how far you want to go. You could hit up amusement parks, sports games, concerts, or even have a camp-out. Check out our list of places that offer student dicounts while you’re at it!

Tell us about the best fraternity event you’ve ever attended in the comments section below!

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