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5 Tips For Using Uber & Lyft At The Airport

Using ridesharing services at the airport can be a daunting experience for novice travelers and frequent fliers alike. Crowds and queues can make it tricky to order and locate your ride, but our top 5 tips will help make the process easier. 

1. Check the ridesharing rules at your airport of...

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5 Ridesharing Alternatives To Uber & Lyft

When you hear the word “ridesharing,” chances are good that your first thought is either “Uber” or “Lyft.” They might be the top dogs in the ridesharing game, but there are many other options for travelers to try. Read on for our top 5 alternatives to the top apps — and be sure to let us know your...

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5 Tips For Using Uber & Lyft At Big Events

Whether you’re attending a Red Sox game or a Beyoncé concert, ridesharing services provide a safe and simple way to get to your destination and back — and avoid parking fees, too. However, it can become challenging to leave with hundreds or even thousands of attendees heading out at the same time....

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