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April 01, 2019

Ridesharing Etiquette: 5 Tips To Be A 5-Star Passenger

Ridesharing Etiquette: 5 Tips To Be A 5-Star Passenger

Have you ever glanced at your ridesharing app after a trip and noticed your passenger rating was lower than before? There are a number of reasons why your 5 stars could have dropped to 4. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned rider, it’s important to follow the unspoken rules of Uber and Lyft. Read on for our top 5 tips to make your trip as smooth as possible — and to secure a high rating when it’s over.

1. Try not to keep your driver waiting.

Lots of people order rides ahead of time but aren’t ready when their vehicle shows up. To ensure a painless pickup for both you and your driver, wait at the designated point provided in the app well before your ride arrives. If you’re an Uber user, you may even be charged extra for making your driver wait longer than five minutes. As the app says, request when you’re ready to save time, money, and potentially your passenger rating.

2. Hop in the backseat, not the front.

While there’s technically no rule against sitting in the front seat of an Uber or Lyft, it’s not recommended. Most drivers value their personal space, so the front should be your last choice if the backseat is available. The back is safer anyway.

3. …But don’t be a backseat driver.

When your driver is following the route provided by the app, there’s no need for you to tell them where to go or how to get there. That’s what GPS is for! In addition to annoying the driver and impacting your passenger rating, “backseat drivers” can cause distraction and risk everyone’s safety. According to Nationwide, 14% of drivers have had an accident or near miss because of one.

4. Don’t eat or smoke in the vehicle.

It seems obvious, but riders overstep this boundary all the time. Remember, this is the driver’s personal vehicle. Would you want strangers spilling snacks or lighting cigarettes in your car? Plus, both can cause stains and damage the vehicle’s interior. To preserve your passenger rating and avoid unwanted fines, wait until you’re at your destination to indulge.

5. Thank and rate your driver after the ride.

Common courtesy goes a long way. In addition to sharing your gratitude after a great ride, you can compliment your driver through the Uber app. Whether they played awesome music, offered amenities like mints and charging cords, or had impeccable driving skills, you can offer kudos with the click of a button.

Be sure to give good drivers a five-star rating, too. Anything less than five stars can cause drivers to lose out on potential fares and even threaten their livelihood entirely. Yes, really — multiple low ratings can result in their account being permanently deactivated. Logging a high rating will take you less than a minute and make a huge difference for your driver.

No matter what your passenger rating may be, your safety is paramount. With the BestRides app, your friends and family can track your route as you go and receive a notification if anything goes wrong. Whether you’re commuting home from work or traveling overseas, get BestRides for iOS or Android to make your trip the best it can be.

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