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April 05, 2017

Ridesharing Alternatives To Uber And Lyft

Ridesharing Alternatives To Uber And Lyft

You may not think you have any ridesharing options besides Lyft and Uber, but there’s good news: you do! Although Lyft and Uber dominate the app-based ridesharing game, there are many other services to choose from, depending on where you’re living or where you’ll be traveling.


Pros: In addition to picking you up, GetMe drivers can pick anything up for you, whether you want snacks from Starbucks or hammers from Home Depot. It offers a range of vehicles, including motorbikes, SUVs, pickup trucks, and limos, and all drivers go through a background check, vehicle inspection, and a personal interview. Already sounds more awesome than the Uber driver with the bad Spotify playlist, right?

Cons: GetMe is only offered in Texas (Austin, Dallas, Galveston, Houston, San Antonio), but it’s actively expanding to cities all across the country. Until then, it’s great to keep in mind if you’re ever traveling down South.


Pros: It’s dedicated to keeping prices low and making sure more of your money ends up in the pocket of your driver, not a corporation. Compared to other ridesharing services that take up to 28% of a driver’s fare, Fasten only takes $1 per ride.

Cons: It’s only offered in Austin, TX, and Boston, MA right now.


Pros: No surge pricing! Even better, it’s a black car service so you’ll ride in style.

Cons: Gett is currently available in over 100 cities around the globe—but the only current American location offered so far is New York City.

Waze Carpool

Pros: Rather than being picked up by a professional driver, Waze Carpool lets you share a ride with someone heading in the same direction as you. This reduces your carbon footprint, saves you money and time, and provides you with the opportunity to make a new friend that studies or works near you.

Cons: You could get an interesting person heading to the same part of town as you, or you could get a criminal; Waze doesn’t do background checks.


Pros: You can pick a vehicle based on your budget and style, and before your driver picks you up, you can see their safety rating with feedback from their previous riders.

Cons: Although Moovn is in many cities (Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, New York, NY, Vancouver, BC, Washington, DC, and others throughout the Middle East and Africa), it’s not offered worldwide just yet. This is definitely one to look out for when you start booking your next trip, though.

No matter how you get from Point A to Point B, make sure you download SafeRide. It lets your inner circle know when you arrive safely and effortlessly notifies them in case something happens to go wrong along the way.

If we missed your favorite ridesharing app, comment below to let us know!

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