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August 26, 2019

Our Top Ridesharing Tips For College Students

Our Top Ridesharing Tips For College Students

The end of the summer is approaching and the start of the fall semester is just around the corner. How will you be getting around your college campus? Whether you use ridesharing services to get to class every day or just to run errands on weekends, keep these 5 tips in mind.

1. Prioritize your safety.

It’s easy for frequent users to get comfortable with ridesharing, but remember that you’re trusting a stranger with your safety. Take precautions: check your ride before getting in, keep personal information private, and share your driver’s details with a friend. Once you’re on the road, don’t hesitate to cancel your ride and order a new one if your driver is making you uncomfortable. Your welfare is more important than making it to class on time. 

2. Look for discounts.

Some colleges offer student discounts for Uber and Lyft rides with the aim of making it more affordable to commute. Assumption College even provides their students with free Uber rides to their classes. It’s worth asking your school if they have any options for their ridesharing students, since you may end up saving a pretty penny. 

3. Carpool to save money.

If you’re using ridesharing services regularly, UberPOOL and Lyft’s Shared Rides feature can help you stick to your budget. Did you know that shared rides can cost up to 25% less than solo ones? You’ll have to sit with a stranger headed in the same direction, but you’ll get to your destination for less.

4. Explore all options.

There’s more to ridesharing than just Uber and Lyft. For example, Wheeli is a college-based carpooling app that matches you with other students heading in the same direction. Not only will you be able to catch a ride directly to campus, but you’ll meet new people and make friends. Plus, other ridesharing apps like Wingz and Flywheel have their own perks — like no surge pricing, for one. 

5. Avoid surge pricing.

Surge pricing pops up on Uber and Lyft when demand for drivers outweighs the supply. The price of your requested ride could double or even triple depending on how busy it is. This commonly happens during rush hour and at busy big-ticket events, but it can occur anywhere. Thankfully, there are ways to work around it: walk a block and try again, wait it out, or try requesting a different type of vehicle. 

No matter how often you use ridesharing services, it’s important to stay safe every time. With the BestRides app, you can take your most trusted contacts along for the trip — and alert them with the push of a button if anything goes awry. It also helps you save money by comparing Uber, Lyft, and taxi prices in your area. Download the free app for iOS or Android to make your next ride your best. 

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