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November 05, 2017

Boston’s Best Coffee: Where To Get Your Caffeine Fix In The City

Boston’s Best Coffee: Where To Get Your Caffeine Fix In The City

If you’re a student in search of the perfect espresso and snack combo to fuel your study session or a 9 to 5-er looking to upgrade your midday pick-me-up, you’re in luck – Boston has some of the best cafés around. Here are the top places to get your coffee on in the city (other than the omnipresent Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks). 


Gracenote knows its stuff when it comes to coffee beans. The minds behind the roastery and espresso bar put heart and soul into “the science and the sensory” of their drinks, and you’ll notice the difference. Make sure to try the nitrogen-charged cold brew!

Farmer Horse Coffee

This café’s specialty – besides its friendly owners and baristas – is coffee brewed from the Yirgacheffe bean, which is described as “fruity,” “sweet,” and “mellow” and considered to be the best in Ethiopia. This hot spot also hosts live jazz concerts every Friday, and, best of all, it has free Wi-Fi and a printer for customers who need it! 

Thinking Cup

With Stumptown-sourced coffee and an extensive all-day breakfast menu, the Thinking Cup is one of Boston’s most popular places to refuel. The café also caters to the needs of its customers with separate dairy-free and gluten-free menus featuring items like dairy-free focaccia bread, gluten-free macaroons, and vegan chia seed pudding.

Boston Common Coffee Co.

BCCC has some of the best beans in Beantown, but its baked goods are what really separate it from the pack. Stop by on Thursdays to witness the debut of 4 new and unique donut flavors as you caffeinate! Past creations include butter bourbon bacon, créme brûlée, passionfruit chocolate, and salted caramel popcorn donuts – all of which go perfectly with a cold brew.

Flat Black Coffee

This Dorchester-based roastery is Boston’s only micro-roast coffee brewery! It’s known for its eponymous drink, the flat black, and offers 20 single-origin coffees from all around the world. The brains behind the brew have won multiple awards for their creations, so you can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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