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About BestRides

When riding with a stranger, BestRides puts your safety in your hands - not the stranger’s.

Our mission

When colleagues described having a frightening experience with a driver while traveling, we asked ourselves if we could create a simple and effective way to help travelers minimize the risks associated with ride sharing, or, ideally, avoid them altogether. We wanted to harness the latest technology to create a real-time support system that would travel with them, albeit in a virtual sense, every step of the way until they arrived safely, whether by car or by foot.

BestRides, a Boston-based organization, was created to give you the ability to travel more confidently—whether you’re out on the town, away on business, or walking on campus. And we want your friends and loved ones to share that confidence and know that you’re safe every step of the way.

BestRides is committed to putting people’s safety where it belongs – in their own hands, and the hands of trusted friends and family – not large corporations.

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