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August 12, 2019

5 Tips For Using Uber & Lyft At The Airport

5 Tips For Using Uber & Lyft At The Airport

Using ridesharing services at the airport can be a daunting experience for novice travelers and frequent fliers alike. Crowds and queues can make it tricky to order and locate your ride, but our top 5 tips will help make the process easier. 

1. Check the ridesharing rules at your airport of choice.

A number of airports around the country have restrictions in place regarding ridesharing services. Both the San Francisco International Airport and Boston’s Logan Airport have banned curbside pick-ups, while others charge passengers an extra fee. Contact the airport or check their website before your trip to find out what to expect.

2. Request your ride from a designated pick-up area.

Heading home after your flight? It can be tempting to order your ride the second you get outside. However, many airports have an area designated specifically for ridesharing pick-ups. These pick-up areas make it easier for you and your driver to find each other in the inevitable crowd and the chaos that comes with it. To avoid making your driver wait, be sure to hold off on ordering your ride until you’re at the pick-up zone.

3. Help your driver find you in the crowd.

To make it easier for your driver to spot you, share information about your appearance and location. Messaging them directly through the app is the easiest and safest way to contact them. You can send over details about the color of your suitcase, the area you’re standing in, or the size of your group. Any extra information will help make the pick-up a smoother one.

4. Schedule the ride in advance to save time.

If you know you’ll need a ride at the crack of dawn, save yourself some time (and stress!) and pre-schedule your ride. Uber allows you to schedule a trip 30 days in advance, while Lyft gives you a week. You can update or cancel your request up to 30 minutes before the trip. Plus, you won’t be charged until your ride is over. 

5. Cut down on costs with the carpool option.

With surge pricing, trips to and from the airport can get expensive. Save some cash by using uberPOOL or Lyft’s Shared Ride feature, which groups you with other passengers heading in the same direction. Your fare will be up to 25% lower, and you’ll still get to your destination at around the same time. It’s a win-win on all fronts!

Whether you’re using ridesharing services to catch a flight or head back home, the free BestRides app can ensure your trip is safe and secure. With BestRides, you can share your journey with friends and family — and immediately notify them if you need help. Plus, you can compare prices between Uber, Lyft, and other transportation options. Download the free app for iOS or Android today to get started.

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