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April 08, 2019

4 Must-Dos Before Entering A Rideshare Vehicle

4 Must-Dos Before Entering A Rideshare Vehicle

With multiplerecenttragedies involving rideshare riders getting in the wrong car, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about your safety. Follow our tips and do your due diligence before jumping in the backseat of an Uber or Lyft.

1. Verify your ride’s license plate number.

After you order a ride, both the Uber and Lyft apps will prominently display the license plate number of the car coming to pick you up. Cross-checking this detail is the easiest way to confirm you’re getting in the right vehicle. If the information displayed in the app doesn’t match the car claiming to be your ride, cancel the trip and report the issue to Uber or Lyft.

2. Ask your driver to state their name, who they’re here to pick up, and your destination.

In addition to the car’s license plate number, the app’s driver profile will also display their first name. Before getting in, ask the driver for their name to verify their identity. A photo is usually featured on the profile as well, so be sure to compare the picture to the real thing.

The driver will be able to see your first name and where you’re going through the app, so they should be able to provide this information if asked. If they can’t come up with a name or give a bogus destination, walk away and keep an eye out for your real ride.

3. Double-check the color and make of the car.

Your ridesharing app of choice will show the model and color of your driver’s car next to the license plate number. To be sure you’re getting in the right vehicle, compare the provided details to the car in front of you. In other words, don’t get in a red Honda if you’re expecting a blue Subaru.

4. Share the vehicle details with someone you trust.

Even if you’re in the right car, it’s worth the effort to share your trip details with a trusted contact in case something goes wrong. Send over the driver’s name and the vehicle’s license plate number, model, and color. This will give them the necessary information to track you down in the worst case scenario, giving everyone peace of mind.

Through the BestRides app, you can ensure your safety by virtually bringing your friends and family along on your trip. BestRides makes it simple to share the details of your ride, from your destination and ETA to a photo of the driver’s license plate. Get your free download for iOS or Android to make your ridesharing experience a safe one.

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