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BestRides is the brainchild of an elite team of innovators, marketers, and developers in the Boston area.

When colleagues described having a frightening experience with a driver while traveling, we asked ourselves if we could create a simple and effective way to help travelers minimize the risks associated with such situations, or, ideally, avoid them altogether. We wanted to harness the power of social networks to create a real-time support system that would travel with them, albeit in a virtual sense, every step of the way until they arrived safely – whether by car or by foot. We then realized that we could combine that capability with “best price for your ride” data that allows users to travel more safely at the best possible price.

We are proud to say that our mobile app accomplishes both these objectives.

The Team

Greg Czarnowski

Greg Czarnowski


Greg Czarnowski is an innovative entrepreneur who brings 40+ years of marketing experience and applied expertise to his role as BestRides CEO.

Russel Pergament

Russel Pergament


Russel has been involved in many successful startups including TAB weekly newspapers, NY daily amNewYork, MASSterList.com, and Travelersmarketing.com. This is his first project devoted to public safety.

David Art

David Art


David Art has worked in media in a variety of capacities for the past 8 years. As BestRides Chief Strategy Officer, he is continually developing promotional concepts designed to raise awareness of the app's exceptional capabilities.

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